Who will plant a tree in the desert?

In the aftermath of yet another 50/50 election in America -- this one wilder than most -- Washington seems ready to continue torching the already scorched earth remnants of zero-sum politics. Many wonder how much worse can the political climate get. I’m consumed by...

What I learned in 2020

Adios 2020! What a waste of a really cool year. Even with a global pandemic and economic collapse, we're still here and there were good things that happened. Here's the lessons I learned in 2020, in case any of these are helpful as you look back on the past year and...

Sausage Pinwheel Recipe

Here’s a quick way to make delicious holiday apps so you can enjoy them as part of your Christmas traditions.

“Campaign 2016’s killer app”

“It’s important to not only have the app, but to have the tools in it that empower that individual supporter and put a field office on their smart phone.”

It’s the Audience, Stupid

Not a day goes by that we don't hear about the latest trend in digital marketing. Last week it was search engine optimization. Before that it was social networking. This week, I got an email from someone saying "it's all about mobile." Here's my take on the latest...

Joining the Centennial Institute

I’m exciting to be joining the Centennial Institute, a center-right think tank within Colorado Christian University, as their Digital Director.

Hype and Anchorman 2

Anchorman 2 was bound to be the holiday hit of the century. Quotables from the first Anchorman are now common lexicon for the American public. The only problem? It flopped.

Well played Podio

Saw an unsafe script message in Podio tonight (turned out to be a youtube video loading over HTTP) but then found this in the Chrome Developer Console: Well played, Podio, well played. Don't use Podio? You should. It's the best project management, CRM, Agile software...