According to the New York Times, Twitter and LinkedIn have agreed to a partnership that will allow LinkedIn users to bring their tweets to the popular professional social network.

Adding Twitter updates to LinkedIn makes the site more dynamic and is a good move for both companies. For political and advocacy organizations, this is important because it will give LinkedIn a more prominent role as an aggregator and channel to reach potential donors.

According to the NYT article:

LinkedIn’s 51 million members will now be able to send status updates — such as the fact that they are looking for an analyst on a certain topic, or posting a job opening — to Twitter on a case-by-case basis, and vice versa. People will also be able to add a section to their LinkedIn profile that contains their most recent tweets and view other people’s tweets when searching LinkedIn.

Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn’s chief executive, said that he wants LinkedIn to be the hub for all professional conversation. Integrating tweets into LinkedIn will help them find a home where they will become part of someone’s professional identity, and conversations will develop around them, he said.

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