Michael Hyatt, author and blogger, wrote a post recently titled “Embrace Permanent Beta and Launch” and the topic just jumped off of the screen:

Unfortunately, many people get stuck in this kind of no-man’s land. They want it perfect before they share it with the world. The problem is that they are missing scores of opportunities by waiting. Instead, they should get used to the concept of “permanent beta.”

We have seen this time and time again through our RootsHQ and Studio 31A services, where we focus on creating a website design service that is quick, easy and personal. But too many people get wrapped up in the concept of “launch” as if we are about to send a book to the printer, with no opportunity to change so much as a comma once it is off to print.

In the web world, especially with the sort of content management tools we provide all of our clients, websites and content can and should be dynamic and fast-flowing. People expect to see change frequently. In fact, we believe in the model of “permanent beta” so much that we’ve even considered doing away with our website setup services, instead focusing entirely on incremental change over time. Much like watching a child grow up, the changes to your website should be steady and incremental, where you barely notice them day-by-day, but if you look back over a year or more, you see just how far it has come.

So if you’ve been thinking about starting a new website, a new hobby, or a new chapter in your life, don’t wait for it to be perfect. That day will never come. Pick a direction and start moving that way. It’s time to launch.