I happen to think we’ve got a lot of awesome tech talent on the Right. Then I see how the Left is training literally thousands of tech-literate operatives and I feel a bit like Aragorn watching an army of approaching orcs…

Liberal activists laying the groundwork for the 2014 and 2016 elections hope to preserve their technological edge in those elections. But they say that over the long term, their real strength lies in meatspace — in the army of technically savvy progressives and an assembly line that constantly churns out new talent.

Liberals gathered this weekend at RootsCamp, an annual Washington confab on digital strategy. And they were keenly aware that without the people to build the models and run the tests, 2012 might well have stalled. More importantly, these organizers believe, the left cultivates a network of non-profits that functions both as a training ground for people and a proving ground for new online techniques.

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