All too often in a campaign or issue advocacy group, someone has an off the wall idea to promote the candidate or cause. Maybe it doesn’t seem like a good idea, but hey, all press is good press right?

Not so much….

A new study out by the Chief Marketing Officer Council and InfoPrint Solutions Company found that consumers are more than ready to cut off brands who contact them with a lousy or irrelevant promotion.

A full 41 percent of respondents said they would consider ending a brand relationship over an irrelevant promotion. A solid quarter, 22 percent, said they would definitely end a brand relationship in such a situation.

Read the full findings on Marketing Charts.

A wiser course of action is to spend the time to create a message and plan that connects with your target audiences in a way that calls them to take action. Spend some time in your statistics and pull out relevant segments to reach in a specific way. The result could be more enthusiastic supporters, and that makes for good press.