With the rapid pace of change in today’s marketing environment, it’s useful to take a step back and talk about exactly what we mean when we talk about “digital marketing”. As a digital agency, it’s a pretty all consuming affair for us, but I’d like to break it down to the big blocks of what you need to be doing in 2012 to effectively take advantage of digital media and tools to promote your business or organization.

So over these next few days, we’re going to look at what digital is, why you should be paying attention to it, and how to use the tactics and tools that make digital media an effective means of marketing.

What is Digital?

A good place to start is by defining what we mean by digital marketing. Wikipedia has as good a definition as anywhere, so we’ll go with that:

“Digital marketing is the use of internet connected devices to engage a customer with online advertising in order to promote products and services.”

And that’s essentially what we do — use Internet connected devices to deliver a communications message to a targeted audience.