Found this article on AmEx OPEN and wanted to share it with you all. If your job at all involves online activity or content (i.e., 99.9% of all PR professionals), then this is a must-read article on how to balance both creating original content as well as aggregating content from across the web. Marketing today revolves so much around providing solutions. And if clients are going to trust you (or customers trust your clients) then you have to be positioned as someone who can provide solutions.

“Blog posts, articles, e-books, comments and what we see on Facebook and Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, all of that stand-alone information, is content. Content is evidence of knowledge and experience. It’s useful and people like it.

“Many experts prove themselves by offering content. One of the very best ways to validate who you are is by publishing what you know. And we do most of that for free.

“Once, there was value to finding information. Now, there’s value to sorting through the vast oceans of available information and sifting the good from the bad, useful from useless…”

You can continue reading the article here, but first, do you both write original content and aggregate other content? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.